The 2017 Lexus ES-350- Style Beyond the Ordinary

Talk about cars and fashion and the 2017 Lexus es-350 comes top in mind. The team behind the building of this car model has fully grasped the art of pleasing the eye by coming up with the best of the Lexus model so far. With a touch of elegance, the 2017 Lexus es-350 cruises past leaving all heads turned to its direction. Its interior offers comfort beyond measure. The seats have been laid in perfectly eliminating cases of back pains that result in exhaustion. The Lexus model comes in a variety of colors, giving the customer the freedom of choice. Don’t we all differ in taste when it comes to car color?

Out of the 15 luxury midsize cars, the 2017 Lexus ES-350 ranks 7th. In looking for a luxury car that fits in just perfectly in family and work environment, the Lexus es-350 is a perfect choice! Delivering comfort and style to families on vacation has never been easy. Designing the 2017 Lexus model is therefore not an easy task. Experts work day in day out to achieve the best that comes out of Lexus. Out of this comes ‘beauty in the machine’; a car that raises eyebrows wherever it passes.

The Lexus ES-350 has a swift movement that results from driver assistance features such as pre-collision braking an assist in secure lane keeping. These latest technologies are meant to ease the lives of the users by offering extra services. Competing in the car making industry of the 21st century is a hard task to achieve. Amidst all the pressure, the 2017 model from the winners of 2017 Best Luxury Midsize Car for the Money, Lexus, have managed to stand firm and deliver. Yes, the 2017 Lexus es-350 took home the award for the best luxury midsize car, beating all its rivals. You just have to agree that the model outshines the others in almost every aspect.

Style and comfort are affordable. The 2017 Lexus ES-350 starts at a price of only $38,900! On top of that price, the model can come with packages that range from $700 to $4,000. Though more fuel consuming than its sister the ES Hybrid, the amount spent on powering it does not hit the extreme-price range. It’s only some pennies above $1400 per year.

When it comes to choosing cars with the best style around, Lexus ES-350 has you covered. Enjoy your evenings on a smooth ride down to the coffee shop or take your automobile out for a spin. Live rich life at the side of the Lexus ES-350 and bring a glow to your lifestyle. With the new Lexus model, be sure to stand respected by the rivals in the trade. Showing off is not a crime, so take that slow drift once too often to remind the world that you get the best. It’s healthy for your ego. Lexus has delivered beyond expectations. Style has been brought to the streets with this model.

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