Summer Accessories to Beat the Rising Mercury

With the mercury levels rising up, we all just love to stay indoors. But how do you control kids? All they can think of is to jump, play and stay outdoors. But going out in the sun leads to prickly heat and heat rashes.

If you can overlook the merciless sun and the inhuman torture it does to all, then summer is the best time to make your kids a true fashionista. Most parents go wrong when it comes to choosing the right clothes for their kids. Summer fashion is synonymous with comfort, so make sure that your summer shopping spells comfort in every wholesale baby dress purchase.

Let us take a closer look at a few summer fashion accessories that kids must have in their closet. So here’s to parents, it is time to buck up and buy clothes for your tiny tots those are comfortable.

  • Pair of Sunglasses – Sunglasses are fashion! As long as you have a nice pair of sunglasses, you don’t need to bother much about dressing up to look good. Kids’ sunglasses just add to the cute quotient and take it a few notches higher. So make sure you buy interesting shapes that suit their face cut. Shades are a must because it tends to protect their eyes from the sun. When you are buying a pair, make sure that the shades block 99% to 100% UVA and UVB rays to keep their eyes protected from vision problems.
  • Flip Flops – Nothing is as comfortable as a nice and funky pair of flip flops. Interestingly, flip flops come in a wide range of colours and designs. So make sure that your kids have a nice range of slippers that come in interesting designs and prints. Slippers spell comfort and at the same time allow your feet to breathe. Flip flops are easy to slip in and are the perfect summer shoes for you. For parents who thought slippers are just meant for the sands and the beaches, it is time to break free from this notion. This is one fashion accessory largely in demand when the sun dances to its own tunes right on top of your head.
  • Hair Accessories – This is one fashion wear strictly for girls. Who would consider hair accessories a necessity in summers? Well, it is indeed an important accessory to keep your hair neatly tied up or to keep it in place to give your neck some air. Girls might be in love with their long tresses, but imagine your hair sticking to your neck when the sun is at its inhuman best sparing none. Get rid of those boring clips and clutches to keep your hair in place. It is time to welcome in your closet stylish rubber bands, embellished hair bands and hair clips. Be it prints, neon colours or quirky graphics, it is important that you have an ensemble collection.
  • Fashionable Swimsuits – What is summer without a nice splash in a pool? The only thing girls focus on a lot in summers is a nice swimsuit. So if young girls can prefer to have a nice swimming costume, then how can kids be far off? Make sure your little princess also has a nice swim wear to enjoy a cool splash with you. Swim wears are available in a variety of designs, prints and colours. Be it the fancy cuts, the neon colours or the funky prints, there is no dearth of designs available that is sure to make you spoilt for choice.

Each season has its own share of fashion accessories to glam up your look. If winters are all about fancy scarves, boots, and gloves. Then welcome sunshine, summers and the bright sun implies sunglasses, hair accessories and flip flops that we have just spoken about.

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