Snapback hats are back and they are very much in fashion

Can you remember the decade of 80’s or even the early days of 90’s? If you can and if you were raised in that era in particular, you must have had fond memories of snapback hats. This stylish headwear used to come with a snapping apparatus made of plastic at the back end of the head and that’s why they are called snapbacks. Since these headgears were manufactured with light, breathable materials like cotton they were perfect head accessories to be worn during the hot summer days. The under side of the bill were also coloured in either grey or black. However, snapback caps somehow lost their popularity and went out of vogue since the beginning of 80s. But, fashion’s nature is erratic and it constantly evolves. And snapbacks saw a resurgence of popularity in this new millennium.

Celebrities love to set trends and the common mass follow them religiously. This general rule saw no exception with the re-emergence of this fabulous head-wear as an increasing number of celebs have been spotted sporting colourful custom snapbacks with unique designs, logos and embroideries. Megastars like Chris Brown, Travis Barker, Lil Bow Wow, Jay Z and Wiz Khalifa and of course Will Smith wears this headwear during most of his performances. Let’s have a look at how well these celebrities are rocking snapback caps these days. Will Smith started his love affair with snapbacks since the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and from then he regularly flaunts his snapbacks in entirely his own style. Jay Z is another star performer who has very recently been caught wearing a New York Yankees snapback hat while helping Rihanna perform her famous song ‘umbrella’. Apart from that specific event, Jay Z is seen donning several other Yankees snapbacks. Some stars even wear them on normal days without any performances, shows and Travis Barker is surely one of them.

NHL draft has taken place in Philadelphia in the very last week of the month of June. It began one day after its much-discussed NBA counterpart and a few days prior to the event NHL released the official snapback hats to distribute among each draftee. The entire collection looks okay but the style of these headgears is more suited to teams with a secondary logo. Although teams like Pittsburgh Penguins don’t have any secondary logo yet their snapbacks are already in limelight by famous Wiz Khalifa who sported their headwear during a photo shoot for the cover of Source Magazine back in the year of 2010.

It appears that snapbacks have made a robust comeback in the mainstream of headwear fashion. Original and unique style and designs are making their appearances with each passing month along with re-exposure of the classical snapbacks from decades ago to cater to the maddening craze. With the advent of online shopping millions of people across the globe are storming into online stores to bag snapbacks of every price structure as per their affordability.

Summary: Snapback hats have made a great comeback in recent years. These stylish headgears are highly longed-for among both celebrities and common mass. This headwear is attractive and affordable available in varied styles, design.

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