How to Start A Retail Clothing Store

Ever dreamed of opening your own retail clothing store? Well, I opened a Southern California not too long ago. It is actually much harder than you might think to open your doors and make a few sales under your belt. To get started you need a vision, a reseller’s permit and business license. While the unique vision could take months or years, the latter two requirements only entail filling out a few basic forms and waiting a few weeks for the paperwork to be to show up in the mail. That does not say too hard. Well, wait a second how to do the following items just take a bit more effort.

They are:

1 Setting up a sole proprietorship, LLC, S or C Corp to provide you and your partner (s) should be sued your personal assets to protect retail store.

2 Finding the right space, an area with a fair amount of foot traffic and ample parking.

3 So you do not get to negotiate your lease in a 5-year commitment. (Be sure to try and negotiate the ability to sublease your space. It’s a long shot, but it does not hurt to ask.)

4 Raising at least $ 50,000 in capital, so you can renovate and stock your store.

5 Always the right building and electrical permits signed off, so you actually switched the device. That’s right, you can not have power to everything signed off by the city. By the way, make sure at least one of your cabins and one of your registers is disabled. Otherwise you will not be able to open your doors until you are. I learned this lesson the hard way.

6 Finding the right people for you to fill in the hours that you can not be there. No matter how committed you are, you will need to get away from your business at least two days a week.

7 Make sure that the Blessings of your suppliers before starting this journey retail. I had no idea that the most popular jean company does not sell wholesale to your business unless you already have some name brand jeans suppliers on board. This catch 22 absolutely confused me, but I digress.

8 Budgeting is very hard. You will not believe that the cost of your electricity (especially if you run the AC all day) or how quickly added your reward.

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